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Working with Amazon AWS VPC: Software-based VPN Part 3

Welcome back !! Let’s finally finish this serie and maybe blow your mind with possible scenarios that may happen while you are Troubleshooting, so take a good cup of tea/coffee, and enjoy the reading. If you happened to see this article first, please make sure you read  Part I and Part II, otherwise you may get… [read more]

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Working with Amazon AWS VPC: Software-based VPN Part 1

Are you looking for a custom encryption algorithm, company requirement for your VPN that is not supported on Hardware VPN in VPC? I’ve mostly seen in several networking forums that people don’t set up a Hardware VPN with AWS VPC due to the main reasons below: Preference of using other encryption algorithm than AES-128 (i.e. AES256,… [read more]

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Working with Amazon AWS EC2: Ephemeral disks

Ever wondered how useful instance storage (ephemeral disk) could be?   As shown in the previously article, we start to see things differently while working with Cloud Computing, therefore apart from the EBS disks we discussed earlier on we will now be focusing in instance storage – well-known as ephemeral disk. Starting from instances ‘m1.small’… [read more]

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Working with Amazon AWS EC2: Resizing disks

Have you ever thought how easy would be to resize a disk in a Cloud environment? Now, imagine with Amazon AWS… much easier though   Starting a new article series called “Working with Amazon AWS” after thinking a lot if this would be public or private classes maybe, I’ve decided to make it public through… [read more]

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