Troubleshooting Archive

Troubleshooting SSH connectivity issues

Have you ever got stuck troubleshooting why your SSH connection is dropping, sometimes freezes every time you run some commands like top? Check out this quick article. When working with Cloud environments you find yourself connected with 1 or sometimes 2, 3 VPNs to get a simple shell, and when you are there you may… [read more]

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Quick troubleshooting network bottleneck on Windows

Have you ever looked for a tool similar to iftop to Windows? Where you could quickly see where the network bottleneck or even a malware is coming from/to?   We have a wide range of softwares for troubleshooting in Linux ie built-in or not,  however when it comes to Windows environment you can mostly find… [read more]

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NCDU – Different way to obtain Disk Usage in Linux

Hi ! Have you ever wondered a different way of getting Disk usage stats? Are you tired of using commands like “df -h”, “du -hs”, combining with several other ones in pipe? What if I tell you that there is an easier way to find out where your free space is going? It’s time to… [read more]

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